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Anni Blog March 3, 2015

Breaking Trail in My Backyard

Hello to All! As I write, the snowbanks are piled high outside my windows, but the calendar tells me that Daylight Savings Time begins at 2AM this coming Sunday! I’m all for THAT… and, hello? The Spring Equinox is on Friday, March 20th! (I’m dancing in my chair.) Yes, folks, it’s been a long, cold snowy wintah here in the northeast… we broke records in some Maine towns for the largest amount of snow & coldest temps ever. I wish we could send some of this snow & cold to Alaska… they’ve had to get real creative in making this year’s Iditarod happen due to higher temps & lower snowfall amounts than usual. It’s like we swapped climates or something. Could y’all take a minute to wish my friend Gwenn Perkins Bogart a safe & successful run up there? Her first Iditarod! A wild undertaking to say the least… Meanwhile, back here in New England, the Anni News is as follows in this order:

1. MAR / APR SHORT LIST (Date, Venue, Town & Time Only)
2. SAT, MARCH 14th / BRUNSWICK HOTEL (Details)

1. MAR / APR SHORT LIST (Date, Venue, Town & Time Only)

FRI, APRIL 10 - OCEAN PIZZA - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM
     (with Shake Russell!)
FRI, APRIL 24 - ANDERSON FAIR - Houston TX - 8:30PM
     (with Shake Russell & Mike Roberts!)

2. SAT, MARCH 14th / BRUNSWICK HOTEL (Details)

SATURDAY / MARCH 14th / THE BRUNSWICK HOTEL & TAVERN / BRUNSWICK ME / 7PM / 207-837-6565… my performance here will be part of the “Maine Restaurant Week” Festivities… (the Grande Finale!) I’ll play a long set of music starting at 7PM. This event brings out the best in all Maine Chefs, so come prepared to sample some extra special foods & beverages & MAKE RESERVATIONS to do so. You can check out the special menu & make reservations [here]. This will be my debut at this very cool spot… I got a good feeling about the place when I was there last fall, so I pursued the room as a possible “new home” for some Anni tunes. When the snow melts & things get green again, I can envision singing outside on their patio… nice thought what with all these huge snowbanks outside my window! Come check this place out… you’ll LOVE IT!

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3. FRANKLIN HOUSE CONCERT / WALPOLE MA / SUNDAY, APRIL 12th / 2PM / 508-528-0026… I’m telling you about this gig in advance, as I’m hoping some of you can plan ahead & call in some reservations. Seating is limited, the show is always unplugged & intimate… & we have a pot lunch lunch together before the show, which is always fun & yummy. Barry Kassindorf has been creating this series of concerts for a long time now. He has recently moved them from Franklin to Walpole… it’ll be my first time here in Walpole but I’ve played many times at his home in Franklin & have some great memories stored of my times there. I am really looking forward to getting back to this area to play… since I’ve been teaching, it’s harder to travel for gigs too far from home in Maine. This one is most definitely worth traveling for… & it’s my last New England show before gigs in TX. Here are the particulars:

Potluck Lunch at 1PM, show begins at 2PM… reservations strongly encouraged via e-mail at [here] or by calling 508-528-0026. The address is 43 Hutchinson Rd in Walpole MA 02081… set your GPS & we’ll see y’all there!

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On April 17th I fly south to TX to embark on “The Maell Memorial Bluebonnet Tour.” I talked a bit about this in January’s Cerebral Wanderings. For those who missed it, I’ll be honoring my late, great friend Merry Ellen Featherstone (Maell for short) in the only way that makes sense to me… I’m hitting the TX road with my guitar & my songs for the first time in 10 years. I’ll be touching down in places where Maell & I spent quality time during our many years of touring together, myself in the driver’s seat, Maell ridin’ shotgun (with her “good ear” facing in my direction.) I’ll be performing at least 3 times & maybe hit some open mics just for the fun of it. Here are some particulars so far…

SATURDAY / APRIL 18th / A MAELL MEMORIAL HOUSE CONCERT / CYPRESS TX / 4PM… invitations for long time friends of Maell will be sent first… we’ll open things up to more attendees later, as space allows.

SUNDAY / APRIL 19th / HOUSE CONCERT / WYLIE TX / 4PM… with SHAKE RUSSELL! It’s been way too long since I’ve been to Tom & Linda’s spot in Wylie… so many great memories here… playing music, listening to others’ songs, breaking bread & sharing good wine, watching the sky with Tom’s telescopes, hangin’ in the hot tub, staying up REAL LATE sharing stories, creating more to be told later. I have to say without a doubt, this is one of my fave places… as a performer & as a road queen in general. Maell was with me every time I went here… & Shake was with me many times as well… so glad he has climbed on board for this one! Though Maell will be physically absent, her spirit will be there for sure. These Wylie concerts are destined to end sometime next spring (Tom & Linda will eventually be moving to Washington state!) so it’s a chance to be part of something awesome one more time OR maybe a first & only time? Here are particulars for those of you who want to venture out to Wylie: house concert website [here] and Tom Noe’s e-mail [here].

FRIDAY / APRIL 24th / ANDERSON FAIR / HOUSTON TX / 8:30PM… with Shake Russell & Mike Roberts! (doors open at 7:30PM)… once again, without doubt, one of my fave places to play EVER. Did you know a lot of performers have recorded LIVE albums here (Nanci Griffith for one)? I’ve played this room a number of times, but not in 10 years… never been here without my touring pal Maell. Damn. I will feel her with us… see her smiling, tapping her feet & bobbing back & forth in her seat. This venue is one of the best in all of Houston… I encourage buying tickets in advance online at the website [here]. CASH ONLY AT THE DOOR (if we don’t sell out.) The number at Anderson Fair is 832-767-2785. This will be a night to remember… I am totally psyched to be going back here!

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Daffodils… a Wishful Taste of Spring

Life is made of moments… some we forget, others that stand out & beg to be remembered. In the midst of this wild & snowy Maine winter, I found a few stand out moments to hold onto that made the consistently cold & windy landscape pretty damn sweet. Some of those moments were on snowshoes & cross-country skis… you figure, can’t change it, get out & enjoy it! (But definitely keep MOVING…)

Two moments in particular really stuck with me… perhaps I choose to remember them in order to help me through the rough spots. The daffodils photo above was taken on Valentine’s Day, about 24 hours after I bought them on the first afternoon of my February school vacation. We were due for another MAJOR snowstorm Valentine’s Day, late afternoon through the next day. I decided my sweetheart & I deserved a little springtime color on the kitchen table. When I got home with my flowers, the sun had begun to get low in the sky on the west side of my condo… sunshine had been a rare sight in the past few weeks, so I was psyched I got home in time to bask in the glow of fingers of light slowly making their way across the snowbanks outside. I emptied my grocery bags, gave my flowers a fresh cut & found a clean vase to place them in. I had just put them on the table when the sinking sun hit the small square panes of glass in the top of my west side door, traveled through my living room & struck the daffodils full on where I had placed them… WOW. You can’t PLAN a thing like that, right? The moment was so fleeting, maybe 2 minutes, but it was so intensely joyful… my eyes welled up & I was grateful.

Another beauty moment happened this past weekend on Saturday, the very last day of Frigid February. I saw the sun out there on the snow about 10AM, noted that the thermometer still read about 18 degrees (sorta warm, relative to SOME days we’ve been having)… so I figured I’d wait another hour for a few more degrees of warmth, then I’d go out for a snowshoe. I had a great solo sojourn out there in the woods behind my condo… I often have to share the woods with snowmobiles, but on this day I beat them out there & it was quiet, serene, cold, but blissful… & the best was yet to come. When I got back to my place, the sun was shining down with sweet heat into the area in front of my place between the 2 snowbanks marking the pathway to my door… kinda like a little spontaneous sauna spot. I undid my snowshoes, grabbed an outdoor “summah chair” from a closet inside & sat in the sun for the first time in 2015 for the good part of an hour. OMG…. priceless. Again, could I have planned that one? Maybe… but it seems more special to me that I didn’t. It gave me such hope that spring really IS going to happen… I mean, it always does, but sometimes it seems so far away…

Wherever you Iive, whatever the start of your 2015 has been up to this point, I wish you many moments deserving a conscious pause… moments that are so warming that you choose to hold them close & can reflect on them when things get a little rough. Next month my dreams of Texas bluebonnets become a reality… I’ll shed some of these layers & REALLY feel the sun. Meanwhile, I have some shows near home before I fly. Here’s hoping I see some of you there & smiling, helping to create another moment deserving a conscious pause.


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25 - Bueno Loco - Falmouth ME - 6PM - 207-619-7057
26 - Ocean Pizza - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM

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