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Anni Blog April 2, 2014

Hello to All! I’m not gonna hold my breath up heeah in Maine… but I’m thinkin’ that maybe, just MAYBE we’re turning a corner into some more spring-like weather. I am hopeful, but not April foolish enough to fully believe that after a winter as unrelenting as we’ve just had that we don’t have a few more surprises in store. In light of the fact that many of us are suffering from a big bad case of cabin fever, I decided to post a couple new videos on YouTube to share with y’all… they are snapshots of some fun moments during my performance last June at The Kingfield Pops Fest (in Kingfield ME)… & they are a definite tease ‘cos it’s an outdoor event indicative of warmer days ahead for more moments such as this. Please consider joining me at my Friday night gig in Old Orchard Beach (ME) on Friday, April 4th at JJ’s to celebrate spring! News of what’s shakin’ in the immediate future & more follows in this order:

1. APRIL / MAY SHORT LIST (Date, Venue, Town & Time Only)
     (ONE GIG in APRIL / MAY 10th - U of ME, Farmington)

1. APRIL / MAY SHORT LIST (Date, Venue, Town & Time Only)

FRI, APRIL 4 - JJ's - Old Orchard Beach ME - 6:30PM
(April 17 through 25 - NC bound… my school vacation!)
FRI, MAY 2 - Ocean Pizza - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM
SAT, MAY 10 - Nordica Auditorium - Univ. of ME @ Farmington ME - 7PM
FRI, MAY 30 - The Maine Table* - S Portland ME - 6PM

     (ONE GIG in APRIL / MAY 10th - U of ME, Farmington)

FRIDAY / APRIL 4 / JJ's / OLD ORCHARD BEACH ME / 6:30PM / 207-934-0222... I am now playing every OTHER first Friday here, not every first Friday… JJ’s is expanding its list of performers, making room for some new faces… very cool. This is right down the street from my house. Great food & drinks, local music & local color combine to make this a fave hang in OOB 12 months of the year... I call this "The Cheers of Maine" for good reason... come find out why! Here's [JJ's website].

SATURDAY / MAY 10 / NORDICA AUDITORIUM, MERRILL HALL, UNIV of ME at FARMINGTON ME / 7PM / 207-397-2241 / $12 Advance Tickets, $15 at the door (under 8 & UMF students free)… I used to play at UMF a lot in past years, but it’s been a long while now since I’ve had a chance to get back. Stan Keach is putting this show together & his duo “Stan & Dan” will open the show. I’m hoping some of the folks who caught my set at the Kingfield Pops Festival last June might help spread the word & bring some friends along to make this a really great night. Nice way to kick off May & rejoice in the arrival of spring! Call Stan at the number above for advance tickets…. (& some of the local stores will have them for sale as well.) Check [here] for directions to the campus.

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A couple months ago I think I was contemplating not booking too many shows… I was “dog paddling”… holding my place, waiting for a sign. Funny, now that my calendar boasts an outdoor scene with greens & warm pinks & yellows poking through, my energy has been sparked & I find myself nailing down some pretty exciting musical adventures for spring & summer. For the first time in 12 years I’m going back to play the Yarmouth (ME) Clam Festival! I’ll be there on Saturday, July 19th… same stage I used to play (for years) at The Memorial Green, 6PM. Psyched. Just before that, on Thursday July 10th, we’ll celebrate the 10th Anniversary of my LIVE Recording at Deertrees Theatre in Harrison (ME) with a return Anni performance… Lake Region TV will be there to shoot video again, too! Celebrating the 10th on the 10th… that’s kinda cool right? On August 24th, to round out the summer, I’ll perform at the newly opened “Freeport Theater of Awesome”… not far from LL Bean, folks. These are just three of many shows I am gearing up… pretty amazing considering I was in a funk about booking shows only 2 months ago… what a difference a season makes in an attitude.

I’ll get another attitude adjustment real soon when I fly out to Forest City NC this month to visit friends I haven’t seen for… ummm… OMG, maybe 20 years? They’re not too far from Asheville & other musical hotbeds, so I intend to hit some open mics for fun & get a taste for the local music scene from the inside-out. For whatever reason (no good one for sure) this is an area that I never visited when I was touring full time. Go figure. AND.. in addition to scoring some open mics & some outdoor adventures while there, my pals scored us tickets to see… ta-daa… the one & only Bruce Springsteen! Yes, folks, I almost dare not confess that I have yet to sample any Bruce Juice LIVE. He’s on top of his game these days, so I’m sure we’re in for a special night. All that & it’ll be WARM down there! I am totally pumped & ready for this trip.

In closing, please know that I am ever thankful that all of you continue to tune in to my ramblings… be they cerebral, musical, whimsical or otherwise. Think Spring & I’ll catch you down the road…


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17 through 25 - North Carolina Bound! (School Vacation)

2 - Ocean Pizza - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM - 207-934-2900
10 - Nordica Auditorium - Univ. of ME @ Farmington ME - 7PM
30 - The Maine Table - S Portland ME - 6PM - 207-699-4495

6 - JJ's Eatery Too - Old Orchard Beach ME - 6:30PM - 207-934-0222
13 - Ocean Pizza - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM - 207-934-2900
20 - The Maine Table - S Portland ME - 6PM - 207-699-4495
22 through July 2 - Grand Canyon & Zion! (School’s Out!)

5 - Bath Heritage Days - Bath ME - 1PM @ the Gazebo Stage
     with Dan Merrill & Tony Simmons!
10 - Deertrees Theatre - Harrison ME - 7:30PM
     10 Year Anniversary of my LIVE Deertrees Recording!
11 - Ocean Pizza - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM - 207-934-2900
12 - Soule Homestead Summer Concerts - Middleboro MA - 6PM - 508-947-6744
     (Carlin Tripp opens)
18 - The Maine Table - S Portland ME - 6PM - 207-699-4495
19 - Clam Festival - Yarmouth ME - 6PM - Memorial Green
28 - Poland Spring Summer Concerts - All Souls Chapel - Poland Spring ME - 7PM

1 - JJ's Eatery Too - Old Orchard Bach ME - 7PM - 207-934-0222
18 - Lake Pemaquid Campground - Damariscotta ME - 7:30PM
22 - Ocean Pizza - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM - 207-934-2900
24 - Theater of Awesome - Freeport ME - Time TBA - 207-675-4000

12 - Ocean Pizza - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM - 207-934-2900
27 - Coffeehouse Series @ The Tillotson Center - Colebrook NH
     603-246-8998 or 603-237-9302

3 - JJ's Eatery Too - Old Orchard Bach ME - 7PM - 207-934-0222

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