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Anni Blog September 1, 2014

Hello to All! Summah’s not officially over until September 22nd… however, I’ll be greeting my students again on September 2nd; thus, MY summer frolic is winding down quickly…. I am writing this on Labor Day. So many summahtime memories… some that make me smile, others I coulda done without… (maybe)… like yesterday. (For furthers, read the CURRENT CEREBRAL WANDERINGS section.) Meanwhile, I am excited to tell you that the new improved Anni Sound Store is up & running on my website… click the link above to check it out. We’ve lowered the price of CD’s by $3; added mp3 downloads of entire albums or single songs… AND / OR you can finally find me again on iTunes! The process of making a switch to be fully serviced by CD Baby & their partners was a long one, but well worth the efforts of many. I think finding my music will be easier & a lot more fun now. YAY for easy & fun… the payback for a lot of hard work. PLEASE send us a message if you have any troubles OR if you just really love the new store & ease of operation. We want & appreciate your feedback. Now, here’s the Sweet September Scoop, in this order:

1. SEPT / OCT SHORT LIST (Date, Venue, Town & Time Only)

1. SEPT / OCT SHORT LIST (Date, Venue, Town & Time Only)

FRI, SEPT 5 - The Maine Table - S Portland ME - 6PM
THURS, SEPT 11 - Drummore Bay Concert Hall - Phippsburg ME - 7PM
     (NEW! Up close & personal / No Alcohol / $15)
FRI, SEPT 12 - Ocean Pizza - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM
FRI, SEPT 26 - Shovel Handle Pub - Jackson NH - 6PM
SAT, SEPT 27 - Tillotson Center - Colebrook NH - 7PM
FRI, OCT 3 - JJ’s Eatery Too - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM
FRI, OCT 17 - The Maine Table - S Portland ME - 6PM


FRIDAY / SEPTEMBER 5th / THE MAINE TABLE / S PORTLAND ME / 6PM / 207-699-4495… I really LOVE playing here! It’s under new management (it used to be the Merry Manor / Governor’s) & it now features Maine sourced foods & beverages. It also boasts a fun & economical Happy Hour until 7PM, so come early & stay late. I play 6 to 9. The food is yummy, the patrons are spunky, the wait staff & bartenders are funky & my tunes sound great in there! I encourage reservations… the place gets packed on Fridays… & please tell them you’re coming to hear yours truly. Here’s their [website].

THURSDAY / SEPTEMBER 11th / DRUMMORE BAY CONCERT HALL / PHIPPSBURG ME / 7PM / 207-446-7199 / $15… this is a BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW VENUE! My friend & fellow musician Jackson Gay & his wife Jean purchased this old building with a vision for all good things happening inside & around it, mostly musically involved. I am not the first performer on the roster but pretty damn close. When I play this show, I’ll be back at my school job, so I’ll need y’all to show up to loan me that up close & personal energy I get when I do a show like this… I’ll need the extra boost at 5AM the next mornin’ right? Not least or last, the date will mark 13 years since the horrifying events of 9/11 took place. I can’t think of a better thing to do on a date such as this… gather with like minded people to remember, to share our strengths & passions, to sing with conviction, moving forward… Surely, this will be a stellar evening… 516 Main Rd (Rt 209)… RESERVATIONS BY PHONE (above) OR ONLINE [HERE] strongly encouraged.

FRIDAY / SEPTEMBER 12th / OCEAN PIZZA / OLD ORCHARD BEACH ME / 7PM / 207-934-2900... Ocean Pizza sounds like a little diner thing doesn't it? There's a take out spot in the front, sure 'nough... but the dining room is really warm, woody & comfy, with a bar & music on Friday nights... & GET THIS: the only music allowed is... ORIGINAL MUSIC! I am a shoe in for this spot. Pam, the owner, is a petite fiery lady straight outta Italy with some of her Grandma's best recipes tucked up under her sleeve. This is another splendid specimen of a local family run business with something unique to offer. Here's their [website].

FRIDAY / SEPTEMBER 26th / SHOVEL HANDLE PUB @ WHITNEY'S INN / JACKSON NH / 6PM / 603-383-8916... Don’t let the word "Pub" fool you! The space I play in is a big ole barn at the base of Black Mountain which sits on top of a long hill above the quaint & beautiful Jackson village. It's rustic & lovely & the folks who run the place are really sweet. The food is top notch, so plan on eating well during my performance... After a day spent in the breathtaking White Mountains, this is the perfect setting for wining, dining & unwinding (but no whining). Check 'em out [here].

SATURDAY / SEPTEMBER 27th / TILLOTSON CENTER / COLEBROOK NH / 7PM / 603-237-9302 or 603-246-8998 for tickets & info... This is a Great North Woods Committee for the Arts (GNWCA) Coffeehouse Series Production. I am really looking forward to getting back here. I did a show with these kind folks in 2012 at the Colebrook Country Club & had a grand time. Since then, we’ve decided to collaborate on a show at the Tillotson Center, up close & personal, with a relaxed coffeehouse vibe. The foliage could well be at peak there when this show takes place, so I plan on taking my hiking boots. Maybe y’all should consider the same… Here's the link to The [GNWCA].

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On Saturday, August 30th, I left home in OOB late morning with my car packed up full to make my gig at Robinson’s Wharf in Southport. I was psyched! I hadn’t played a show with Scott Elliot & Robby Coffin in a long while & my blood was percolation’ just thinkin’ on it. En route up the coast, right about Topsham where I got off 295 & headed back toward Rt. 1, my Subaru Forester started bucking, the stick shift started shaking & that damn little light that says “check engine” started flashing. I drove as best I could from there to Southport wondering what exactly was happening & crossing fingers I’d make my gig without damaging my car. Idling slow in the traffic crossing the Wiscasset bridge was NOT fun at all… thought my car was gonna sputter out a few times… going up hills, I had no power. I was thankful to find a front row car slot at Robinson’s when I got there. Parked ‘er, unloaded the gear, had an awesome gig with the boys… what a blast we had! It was pretty windy out on the deck & the wind took down one of my speakers at one point… we took a quick break to set it back up & it seemed fine even after the hit. (WHAT is happening today? I was thinking…) The show went on, we had a ball, loaded the car up & I limped it a few miles to my pal Linda’s house where it sat for the night. We went to see the Wailin’ Jennys at the Boothbay Opera House… they were SOOO moving, they made many of us cry. I highly recommend y’all catch them LIVE sometime if you’ve not done it.

Sunday mornin’ came & there’s my little Boo-Boo (that’s my car’s nickname) in the driveway waitin’ on my decision what to do. I made some calls & in the end, the call to AAA was the deciding factor. I have AAA Plus so I can get a 100 mile tow at no charge. From Southport to Springvale (my mechanic) it was 95 miles. No brainer… do it. I was sorta bummin’ out that this was all goin’ down, when Linda suggested I just make it an adventure. OK, attitude adjustment… I asked the gal at AAA to send me somebody friendly with a good sense of humor, as it was apt to be about a 2 hour ride in the tow truck what with all the Labor Day traffic on Rt. 1 & lots of folks in town in Boothbay for Harborfest & all. She laughed & said she’d see what she could do.

She done me good. This young dude named Josh pulled up less than 40 minutes later with a big smile, a sturdy handshake, congenial pleasantries & wanting to take a peak under the hood to make sure nothing completely terrible had happened in there. He guessed it might be my timing belt… it’s about that time mileage wise…”good thing you decided not to drive ‘er… don’t wanna throw no pistons & crack the whole engine”… point well taken.

Josh & I had plenty of time to get to know one another on the road trip down to Springvale. We shared laughs & stories & ideas about all kinds of stuff. Turns out Josh was in an Alternative Ed program in high school, working one-on-one with a teacher who really turned him around during a difficult time in his life. When I told him I’m a teacher attempting to do something very similar for some of my students, he turned to me with eyes welling, saying “Thank You for what you do… I never woulda made my life what it is without a teacher like yourself. I truly appreciate what it is you do… I get it.” We talked about the power of music, the power of kindness & compassion, & we shared our thoughts about how important it is to be in tune with Ma Nature. Long ride made short with good conversations.

When we arrived at Black Bear Auto in Springvale, we hung out in the yard there, a bit reluctant to part ways it seemed. He wrote down my website & promised to bring his sweetheart to one of my shows soon. He gave me a big hug & was on his way… back another 2 hours. I had some time on my hands before my neighbor would arrive to pick me up, so I figured I’d continue to try to make lemonade outta this lemon thing… I pulled a folding chair outta my car, got my guitar out, found a bit of white wine left in my cooler & had me a grand ole time in that parking lot workin’ on my new tune.

As I write, my little Boo Boo sits waitin’ for Labor Day to be over so my pals at Black Bear can give me the verdict. (I totally trust these guys… they are the BEST!) I’ll have a new car by the time September is over… I just replaced the front brakes, calipers & rotors, a muffler & I’m buying new tires! Geezzz… still, I say it’s better than car payments. Sooo…. the question that begs to be asked is: “Is this a summahtime memory I coulda done without?” (See intro)… Maybe not. I’ll be watching for Josh at my upcoming shows… maybe I’ll see some of YOU there as well. I’ll have that new song down pat by then. As always, I thank you for staying in tune with my wanderings.


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3 - JJ's Eatery Too - Old Orchard Bach ME - 6:30PM - 207-934-0222
17 - The Maine Table - S Portland ME - 6PM - 207-699-4495

14 - Ocean Pizza - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM - 207-934-2900

5 - JJ's Eatery Too - Old Orchard Beach ME - 6:30PM - 207-934-0222
12 - Ocean Pizza - Old Orchard Beach ME - 7PM - 207-934-2900
     (Pam’s Amazing Italian Christmas Dinner Celebration!)


12 - Franklin House Concerts - Walpole MA - 2PM - 508-528-0026
     1PM potluck - reservations encouraged:
     (venue: 43 Hutchinson Rd - Walpole MA - 02081)

18 - Noble House Inn - Bridgton ME - 6:30PM - 207-647-3733
     house concert: reservations encouraged:

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