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Anni Blog October 5, 2015

Hello to All! Four weeks after surgery on the tendon in my left hand, I am making positive strides in my physical therapy sessions, and remain hopeful that I might be strumming my guitar by Thanksgiving. As you might suppose, there are NO performances in my immediate future. I just wanted to do my monthly check in with y’all so I can stay connected in whatever way possible. Like last month, the news is short, not so sweet, but soon to be sweet, productive & musical again…



OUCH! My fave season of the year & NO GIGS! However, I am singing in the kitchen, in the car, in the shower, on my walks…


One Week Ater Surgery

Four Week Ater Surgery

I wonder how many of you have had surgeries that dictated that you temporarily cease doing the things that really make you tick… the ones that feed your soul, trigger those endorphins, bring on smiles & a sense of well being. I, for one, have had to stop doing several things recently that make getting out of bed early a fun thing to do. During this season of bright colors here in New England (yes, we’re late, but the trees are really rampin’ up their game now!)… I LOVE to climb mountains, ride my bike, play my guitars (at home & at gigs)… and I like to get to the gym, cook great big pots of soup & stews & roast up freshly harvested veggies & go apple picking and…

Sadly, many of these activities are off limits for me right now, so I am finding alternate ways to feed my soul. I NEVER stop singing… and I still dance in my kitchen… I still take long walks… but the thing that makes me get out of bed every morning with a sense of purpose is this:

I DO NOT HAVE CANCER… I am only temporarily inconvenienced. I DO know people who are struggling with, recovering from treatment for, and dying from cancer… (or some other fatal disease.) My heart goes out to these friends and their families. I am especially thoughtful of one very special friend this week… one of my Mom’s favorite people ever… Cathy Stakel. When her last breath on this planet has been taken, she will be at peace & we will celebrate a life well lived. I am honored she has asked me to sing my song “Pilot Light” at her service whenever that may be… of course, she was concerned that my hand dictates that I NOT be playing my guitar anytime soon… I have assured her that “Pilot Light” sounds really fine acappella. Cathy & her family are in my thoughts & prayers as I write.

My hand will heal, my ability to pursue those things that make me tick will come back in due time. Meanwhile, when Cathy’s time comes, I am comforted to know that my Mom will be there to welcome her to her new home… no more pain, no more angst, only joy & peace. We will miss you, but we are better beings because we have known you.

Peace & joy to all of you… Enjoy October, enjoy one another & watch for my return sometime soon with guitar & voice in tact. I appreciate all of your good vibes & continued tuning in…


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