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Anni Blog January 2, 2015

Happy New Year to All! I’ll be up on Moosehead Lake in northern freakin’ chilly, beautifully quiet Maine for ringin’ in the New Year… so I am writing this ahead of time & sending it to my amazing webmaster, Steve, so y’all hear from me at the start of 2015. Guess what? NO GIGS in January (unless something changes)… WHAT? You may ask… I did this on purpose… I need a squeaky clean start to my New Year with room to improve my home environment. Seems like I’ve become a bit of a pack rat… my New Year’s Resolution is to grab the bull by its horns ASAP in 2015 & dejunk the funk. Anybody else got this sorta thing going on? I hope in future blogs I’ll be able to report that I have met with at least SOME success in this area. Send me good vibes OK? So no news follows for January listings… however, I have a couple cool shows on the books for February, maybe another gig brewing… so here’s the (brief & current) news, in this order:

1. FEBRUARY SHORT LIST (Date, Venue, Town & Time Only)

1. FEBRUARY SHORT LIST (Date, Venue, Town & Time Only)

FRI, FEB 6 - JJ’s - Old Orchard Beach ME - 6:30PM
SAT, FEB 28 - The Maine Table - S Portland ME - 6PM


I feel so lucky to have the family & friends that I have. I spent quality time with so many special people during the Christmas holiday season… it reminds me what is truly important in this life. My better half (Eric) got a touch of the flu on Christmas morning, so I went to join my siblings & spouses & their children at my sister’s house while Eric tried to rest on the couch. Bummer he couldn’t go, but we both agreed I would be better off hangin’ with the sibs & sharin’ some Christmas cheer. What a time… here’s a quick peak at me with my sibs… I’m the middle kid of five (but perhaps the least grown up, on purpose.)

Lucie, Anni, Betsey, Katie, Rick

So what d’ ya think… do we look like siblings? Ha-ha… we had such a blast… & the next day I had a really fun gig at The Maine Table in South Portland. I didn’t think many folks would be out & about the day after Christmas, but we had a great night there. A good number came out cos yours truly was playing’ the tunes. Awesome.

As we turn our eyes toward 2015, I am thinking about another special family… my Texas family. It’s been a long time since I’ve spent quality time in Texas with people that I used to to see every year in April. This year I am returning to revisit some fond memories & to create some new ones. I’ll be honoring my late great friend Merry Ellen Featherstone who died in October of 2013. If not for Maell (my fave nickname for her) I may have performed in Texas, but I never would have met many of the wonderful people that I now consider to be a part of a large & wonderful extended family. I am dubbing this journey “Maell’s Memorial Bluebonnet Tour.” I am so pumped to be putting this in place… I have 2 shows booked (details soon)… but I want plenty of time to travel to some favorite places where Maell & I shared such precious times… & I want time for picnics amongst the bluebonnets. I hear her laughing as I write… she’s glad I’m going.

I wish you all the happiest & healthiest beginnings to a brand spankin’ New Year… my hope is that we meet again along the way in 2015. Until then, please know I remain ever thankful that you stay tuned in to my wanderings.


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6 - JJ’s - Old Orchard Beach ME - 6:30PM
28 - The Maine Table - S Portland ME - 6PM

12 - Franklin House Concerts - Walpole MA - 2PM - 508-528-0026
     1PM potluck - reservations encouraged:
     (venue: 43 Hutchinson Rd - Walpole MA - 02081)

18 - Noble House Inn - Bridgton ME - 6:30PM - 207-647-3733
     house concert: reservations encouraged:

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