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Anni Blog January 3, 2017

Hello to All! HAPPY NEW YEAR! My January Blog will be short… cold, wintry months dictate close-to-home gigs & as little driving as possible… and to think I used to drive HOURS in white outs to get to my gigs… hmmm… happy to have the option to make some changes. I continue to do monthly shows at both Lenny’s (Westbrook) & Toddy Brook (N Yarmouth)… I’m back at JJ’s in Old Orchard Beach on February 2nd, playing there every other month now. I continue to share my music in many Senior Living Centers & Veterans’ Homes… many of these concerts are for residents only, so I only list the “public” venues below… without furthers, here’s all the news, in this order:

2. TARGET GIGS (Full Details)


Thurs, Jan 11 / Lenny’s / Westbrook ME / 6:30PM
Fri Jan 12 / Toddy Brook / N Yarmouth ME / 6PM
Fri, Feb 2 / JJ’s / Old Orchard Beach ME / 6:30PM
Thurs, Feb 8 / Lenny’s / Westbrook ME / 6:30PM
Fri, Feb 9 / Toddy Brook / N Yarmouth ME / 6PM

2. TARGET GIGS (Full Details)

THURSDAY / JANUARY 11th (& FEBRUARY 8th) / LENNY’S / WESTBROOK ME / 6:30PM / 207-591-0117… Lenny’s is on Rt. 302 at the old Al Hawkes Plaza… you know, with the guy out front swinging a tool box? Bill Umbel created this eclectic, down-to-earth venue & named it in honor of the late, great Lenny Breau. So happy to be part of the family here, playing once a month… the vibe pulls you in, hugs you, feels like home. Grab some pals & head over… bring your appetite for food & music both. Here’s a link to Lenny’s.

FRIDAY / JANUARY 12th (& FEBRUARY 9th) / TODDY BROOK GOLF COURSE / N YARMOUTH ME / 6PM / 207-829-5100… EVERY TIME I play here we all have a blast! I play every 2nd FRIDAY, every month. I’m a Yarmouth native (pronounced Yahmuth”)… this spot is just over the town line in N Yarmouth, but it feels like home to me. The food’s great, the view’s inspiring, the people are wicked friendly & my voice floats nicely in this room. You might consider calling in a reservation for dinner… I’ve seen some pretty packed nights in here! Here’s the Toddy Brook website.

FRIDAY / FEBRUARY 2nd / JJ’S EATERY / OLD ORCHARD BEACH ME / 6:30PM / 207-934-0222… this is a fave hang for the locals, including yours truly. I play here every other month & I always arrive with bells on, as they say. Year round, JJ’s staff & patrons are full of life & that “Cheers” vibe that can warm y’all on even the coldest of winter nights. This is an all ages hang with great food & beverages. I suggest y’all come early & stay late. Here’s their website.

THURSDAY / FEBRUARY 8th / LENNY’S / WESTBROOK ME / 6:30PM / 207-591-0117… (see Jan 11th for details)

FRIDAY / FEBRUARY 9th / TODDY BROOK GOLF COURSE / N YARMOUTH ME / 6PM / 207-829-5100… (see Jan 12th for details)

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I am awash in memories as I write at the start of a brand new year… some memories are uplifting & joyous, others quite sad & sobering… as time ticks along & another year closes, I look back at life’s beauty & the tests it sends each of us as we journey on.

I wanted to share a video I posted last January, because it was shot on a day that was the epitome of uplifting & joyous for me. Sadly, 6 weeks later, I went back to revisit my joyous trek through this backyard wonderland… & it had been clear cut & was nothing like I had known over the 26 years I had lived here in Old Orchard Beach ME. Talk about sad & sobering. I want to remember that idyllic day in the woods… therefore I share it again, to keep it in my heart & mind… the video brings me peace, light, purity & joy.

My Backyard WINTER WONDERLAND / Shot on Dec 30, 2016
Shared in January 2017, Gone Forever in Feb 2017! Sadly…

I have no playground out back anymore… another housing development exists there now… one of many popping up all around me. Where once there were trees & water there are more & more houses, more traffic. I think I wrote about my struggles with “progress” in the aftermath of losing this backyard paradise last February… I still struggle with it. I’ll find other special spots to nurture myself with nature I’m sure… & I feel lucky to have had this in my backyard for all the years it was there for me.

Moving on, I want to leave y’all with a picture I shot a few days ago in my living room. Simple things bring me great happiness… I try to be alert to the great puddle of possibilities that are there to soak in when I am fully awake… l moved this Christmas Cactus to my front window last year & it really became an exuberant & feisty new part of my daily life when I finally found the right window. The fact that the plant clippings came from a plant my late Mom grew for years in HER living room (which SHE started from my late Aunt Anne’s cactus!) makes the burst of color & joy it exudes even sweeter…

“A Burst of Warming Color on a Cold Winter Day in Maine”

Here’s hoping y’all find the peace, purity, joy & passion that you deserve in the year ahead. May we have as few sad & sobering moments as possible… but when life tests us, may we rise to the occasion & find the light we need to power through. Thanks, as always, for staying tuned to my ramblings… hope to see you soon in 2018!


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2 - JJ’s - Old Orchard Beach ME - 6:30PM - 207-934-0222
8 - Lenny’s - Westbrook ME - 6:30 PM - 207-591-0177
9 - Toddy Brook Golf Club - N Yarmouth ME - 6PM - 207-829-5100

8 - Lenny’s - Westbrook ME - 6:30 PM - 207-591-0177
9 - Toddy Brook Golf Club - N Yarmouth ME - 6PM - 207-829-5100

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